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Engineering Careers found out to be the Best Career Today and Tomorrow

September 01,2010 by: admin

15.4 million Americans were put out of work as a result of the most recent recession experienced by the world’s economy. Thus it is not easy to create a list of the bests of careers at present. Interestingly, the Labor Department has come up with job growth projections for 2008-2018.

According to this prediction among the best opportunities is a Biomedical Engineering career with 72% growth rate. This percentage is totally above the average 10% growth rate of other careers. This fastest growing occupation is also known as Medical Engineering or Bioengineering. What made this particular field of different from other forms of engineering is its relation with the healthcare industry. Medical Engineering is a multidisciplinary field which incorporates medical knowledge and understanding of how the human body works when it is injured, diseased and when it is perfectly in good condition.

Medical Engineering is one of the Engineering areas that is projected to have a continued growth for many years. This expectation can actually be blatantly felt with the numerous job prospects graduates of Medical Engineering can land on.

Medical Engineers can work in industries concerned with designing, developing and manufacturing of medical equipments and devices. They can be employed in academic and governmental research and development facilities. Also they can be part of hospitals providing non-clinical services. Being primarily devoted to development of medical equipments and technical methodologies and procedures plus products, Medical Engineering really plays a pivotal role in allowing healthcare providers to better give treatments to patients with the use of technology. The field of Medical Engineering is in line with creating implants, imaging processes, orthopedic aids, cell and tissue techniques, clinical and medical office equipments, optical techniques, dialysis system and radiation monitoring devices, dental materials, ultrasound and surgical techniques.

Healthcare related jobs were just slightly been shaken with the recent recession thus Medical Engineering being directly related to services providing health care can really be a promising career now and in the future. Considering an engineering career with expertise on the area of Medical Engineering would really be a good decision for people who are looking for a challenging, interesting and with a stable demand.

If the demand for Medical Engineers is growing at a fast rate maybe it is time for the American education to start attracting more students and invest on hone their skills and talents especially now that the National Science Board has given warning about a possible shortage of scientists and engineers in the United States. This is a threat despite United States’ ranking among the leaders in high-technology and research and development spending. According to experts if this is not given immediate action by the year 2020 this problem will be inflicting serious damages.

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