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Finding the right profession in the field of education

July 20,2010 by: admin

A teacher is the one being looked upon as the molder of the futures of this nation. As such, the teaching profession is seen as one of the noblest jobs in society. Even before the ancient times, many philosophers considered the importance of a teacher. There will be no Plato if there was no Socrates who culled the most out of him. There will be no Alexander the Great if not for the man named Aristotle, who was the student of Plato in his early years. This is how a teacher could be so significant in the society but most of us tend to take this profession for granted.

Nevertheless, this should not be a reason for you not to consider having to pursue your own profession in the field of education. With the growing population of English Language Learners and children who needed special attention comes the growing demand for educators who are willing to take such responsibility.

The increasingly globalized world has brought about many changes in the American landscape. This new era ushered drastic changes in the demography of the country where a lot of immigrants, mostly Latinos and Asians, came pouring in the country to find “greener pastures.” Unfortunately, most of them are not adept with the English language that most of the time they have to ask for the assistance of someone to understand a simple instruction in their work. That is why most of them enroll in English language classes, and thus they are called English Language Learners. And it is undoubtedly a fact that for the next few years, this population will continue to increase. And so is the demand for English Language teachers. So this is a profitable period for you to grab the opportunity.

Aside from English Language Learners, you can also choose to teach in Adult Remedial Classes. These classes are comprised by students who are of considerable age and decided to finish their secondary education, for instance, after dropping out during their early years due to particular circumstances. Most of the instructors in these classes are full-time teachers and only take additional units in teaching units as such to augment their incomes. However, you can choose to just teach in this particular field only, if you want.

Moreover, children with special education are now growing in number that is why there has been a considerable increase in special education classes and schools in the country. And mind you, the salary can come in hefty amounts. But this is beside the point. The fulfillment of doing such a noble task of educating the future stakeholders of this country is enough to make you take such profession. Aside from such professions in the educational sector, there are still a handful of jobs that are waiting for you if you are really inclined in this field. So what are you waiting for start looking for one now?

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