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Minnesota Schools Seek for Broadband Connection for Better Education

September 06,2010 by: admin

A new research study says that there are a lot of students who does not have the needed access to technology that could be very helpful to them in job searching for the future. Minnesota schools is not that equipped with the technological tools needed for better learning but there is an increasing use of of internet for more school and academic activities like Science, Math and language but according to the Center for Rural Policy and Development in St.Peter, there is a very large gap in reference with the available broadband speed from district to district.

With the two hundred forty-three surveyed district schools, the available broadband connection speed was up to twenty-eight megabites per second on average with ten mbps for median. The figures given provide a rough representation and still needs deeper probing in the coming months according to Marnie Werner, the research manager of the center. But even when there are a number of districts with good broadband speed, school officials have foreseen a rise in the future.

With a report issued by the Minnesota Ultra-High Speed Broadband Task Force November of 2009, a lot of the Minnesotans conceive that schools are the primary places where a person can have a structured access of technology that will in time define their competitiveness in the future. According to Minnesota’s education leaders and public officials, in order for the state to be a global leader in the making, it is important that schools be supported and equipped with proper technology.

Here are some of the mental images if this broadband project would push through: principals attending a video conference meeting thus saving time and money for the school, Science teachers having a more sophisticated presentation, math lessons done with videos and parents being able to check on their kids while in school with an online portal.

According to Moorhead-based NW-LINKS’ coordinator Mary Mehsikomer, the need of schools for broadband connection is compared to using a fat and huge fire house while for homes a garden hose. The said network is serving around seventy public school districts and four regional libraries in the northwestern part of Minnesota.

The kind of education a student gets at his early age is believed by experts to be of great weight on their competitiveness in the future. It had been projected that more and more jobs related to computer and technology will be created as years pass by so preparing the kids of today is a very good way of preparing them to cope up with competition. As some officials are foreseeing Minnesota as a global leader in the coming years, they also are very much serious in considering broadband for a more effective learning.

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