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Mouse Colonoscopy Workshop On September

September 21,2010 by: admin

The Veterinary Bioscience Institute holds a credibility when it comes to providing biomedical and surgery education services. Known to have a list of remarkable surgical training workshop the Veterinary Bioscience announced that they have furthered their list and now have mouse/rat colonoscopy on it. The Mouse Colonoscopy workshop will start on the 1st of September this year. This workshop is another event that will be looked forward to by the biomedical community. The Mouse Colonoscopy workshop project of the VBI is said to be a demonstration of the continued efforts and commitment of the institute when it comes to providing first-class and innovative training on surgery for biomedical practitioners all over the world.

The chief academic officer of The Veterinary Bioscience Institute, Szczepan Baran enumerated the several features and benefits of this innovation. According to Baran Mouse Colonoscopy is a procedure that has lesser pain as compared with other invasive methods. Moreover, Mouse Colonoscopy has faster recovery rate which would allow “rapid return to regular activities.” This newly developed procedure is said to be able to allow direct “examination and evaluation of the mouse distal colon and permit serial biopsy collection.”  The procedure on Mouse Colonoscopy also matches the CTs or MRI, the most available imaging tools at present.

Veterinary Bioscience Institute is devoted to improving the animal welfare and this newly polished procedure in colonoscopy will provide better data quality that would really be a great leap forward to achieve this devotion.

Colonoscopy is a process utilized by experts to take a look at the inside colon and rectum. This procedure can be used to spot abnormal growths, inflamed tissues and even ulcers.

The Veterinary Bioscience Institute aims to provide a milieu that fosters and supports active and self-directed instruction through electronic learning and mobile training. Hence they are offering state of the art on-line and mobile rodent surgical training including biomedical procedures to the biomedical community worldwide. The said institution is also encouraging communication and interaction throughout the laboratory animal community by providing an online podium. Matters of rodent surgery, welfare and bioethics and biomethodologies are the main concern of the said institute. With all these goals and principles we may expect to see more of their new development and progress in their specialized field of art and science of experimental surgery.

Despite appearing to be mostly involved with the use of animals in experimenting, the Veterinary Bioscience Institute included in their objectives the promotion of the responsible use of animals as well as their welfare.

The upcoming workshop of the Veterinary Bioscience Institute on mouse colonoscopy is indeed another innovation in the field of animal care research and development thus it is inviting biomedical practitioners who are interested to grab this chance and join the workshop on September.

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