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Teaching Still A Top Job Of The Future

August 05,2010 by: admin

Education career remains constant on its spot for the top highly demanded jobs chart. In fact, it would still remain in the future.

Statistics have stated that there will be a shortage of the numbers of teachers in the very near future. President Barrack Obama addressed the public sector that he will be increasing jobs this year. In, a relative article states, “The latest prediction by Moody’s is somewhere between 3 and 4 million jobs, with 215,000 predicted in the education sector by the end of 2010.” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of teachers in the workforce is expected to grow by 13% between 2008 and 2018.The government is willing to spend a huge amount to “create jobs”, education jobs included.

Demand for teachers is still great in all the states. With the increased education workforce and demography, there will still be a need for more teachers. According to Education Department, some areas suffer from teachers in bilingual education, mathematics, science and special education. Searching for prospective teachers excelling in these areas can become a major concern.

Education trends are solely based on the desires of learning and on economic crises. With unemployment being a critical problem faced by the United States, conferences and plans of actions regarding this issue are being implemented by many experts today. In his meeting with the Secretary of Education and Labor last March, President Barrack Obama outlined five pillars of importance for reforming education in America.

They are:

  1. Expanding early childhood education
  2. Ending the “race to the bottom” by implementing world-class standards and curricula
  3. Fostering teacher quality by recruiting, training, supporting, and rewarding teachers
  4. Encouraging innovation in the education field
  5. Making higher education more accessible

President Obama further states, “America’s future depends on its teachers. And so today, I’m calling on a new generation of Americans to step forward and serve our country in our classrooms.”

Late this June, a program called Career Switchers has been offered in response to the shortage of teachers. The program, which is offered in 11 of the state community colleges, aims to fill the shortage of public school teachers in just 16 weeks. A college in Virginia, The Northern Virginia Community College is searching people who are willing to switch their current jobs into a teaching position.

This is indeed something willing people have to think about. It involves sacrifice and a change of the way of life. “This is for people who are literally switching their careers for life,” John Wells, a professor at the Northern Virginia Community College, said.

The future of the American economy depends on the skills and values of the future citizens. Today, these citizens will be mostly found sitting on a desk listening to a person called the teacher before them. As early as now, educators should teach them what is expected of them when they get to the world outside school.

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