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Employer tuition assistance and the way it works

January 30,2012 by: admin

As the name suggests, employer tuition assistance is a program where the employer may either pay a part or bear the entire cost of college education. This is essentially a tool that is used by employers to attract and retain their employees. With the help of tuition assistance, employers can expect a certain level of loyalty from their employees and they can also hope to retain their employees for a longer period of time. This is an employee benefit that is provided by the employers and it is a win-win situation for both parties involved. Tuition assistance may be extended … (more) January 30, 2012

Consolidation of student loans and how they work

January 25,2012 by: admin

Consolidation of student loans is the best option if you have a number of loans. Paying off loans in the least possible time can help avoid a series of problems in the future. So, a loan consolidation is a great option for students as they can pay off their debts with ease. When you consolidate student loans you can pay them off in the least possible time and remain debt free after that. Keeping track of various loans can be quite an ordeal and you may miss on timely payments as well. By consolidating your loans, you can ensure that … (more) January 25, 2012

Basic difference between college scholarships and grants

January 18,2012 by: admin

College education is a hugely expensive affair and out of reach for many students as families struggle to cope up with the high costs involved. Under such circumstances, needy students can benefit from college scholarships and grants. The average cost of college education for a four-year period is more than $20,000 per year. If this figure is divided in half, you could arrive at the average tuition fees in a public university. Even the tuition fee at a community college is not within reach for most students. In order to address this issue, college grants are being awarded to students … (more) January 18, 2012

Scholarships awarded by Grantham university through imagine america foundation

July 25,2011 by: admin

Grantham University is perhaps one of the oldest institutions to have delivered accredited online degrees to students who are studying and working as well. This is a 60-year old institution and it has so far awarded $5,000 through scholarships to working students the world over by channelizing it through Imagine America Foundation’s Military Award Program. David Harvey from Hickory, NC, Danielle Turgeon from Rutland, VT, Adrian Skinner from Ballston Spa, NY, Martin Arredondo of Springtown, TX, as well as Jackson of El Paso, TX will each receive a grand sum of $1,000 as scholarship and that would be utilized for … (more) July 25, 2011

Financial aid is a decisive factor in choosing online colleges for many

July 19,2011 by: admin

For students all over the nation, May is a decisive month to determine whether they will go for a summer job or prepare to go on to college for graduation. It is also a time where many decide to take additional classes for their degrees. Many people consider online degrees as an idea choice when looking at taking additional classes before they enter into a career. When it comes to choosing an online degree, the flexibility it afford to kids, letting them work at their summer jobs while learning is what makes it so popular. However, many a time these … (more) July 19, 2011