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Scholarships awarded by Grantham university through imagine america foundation

July 25,2011 by: admin

Grantham University is perhaps one of the oldest institutions to have delivered accredited online degrees to students who are studying and working as well. This is a 60-year old institution and it has so far awarded $5,000 through scholarships to working students the world over by channelizing it through Imagine America Foundation’s Military Award Program.

David Harvey from Hickory, NC, Danielle Turgeon from Rutland, VT, Adrian Skinner from Ballston Spa, NY, Martin Arredondo of Springtown, TX, as well as Jackson of El Paso, TX will each receive a grand sum of $1,000 as scholarship and that would be utilized for their tuitions at the Grantham University.

In the last five years, Grantham has participated in MAP which is the Military Award Program in the Imagine America Foundation. Ever since then, Grantham University has awarded at least $39,000 through scholarships to a few of the qualified active duty service members, reservists, guardsmen, as well as war veterans.

Director of communications at Grantham University and also Chair of IAF Scholarship Committee at Grantham University, Johanna Altland stated that Grantham was indeed honored to have awarded these scholarships to the deserving men and women who were extraordinary in their services to the nation. They had all done exceptionally well and hence they would be pleased to allow them to continue their education to fulfill their commitment of more than 60 years where the educational requirements of service members and veterans had been met.

The choice of applicants were made based on the essays that they had written where the topic was, ‘why should you receive a Grantham University IAF Military Award Program Scholarship?’ all responses were personal to the applicants; however, there was one thing that all the recipients had in common which was the goal to finish their undergraduate/postgraduate degrees. The recipients of the scholarships were all full of praise and thanked the faculty and staff for their overall experience at Grantham University.

David Harvey, one of the recipients of the scholarship went on to state that he was surprised to note that distance learning courses were quite tough. He went on to add that most people assumed that distance learning was very easy in comparison to campus learning, but that was untrue. In fact, he states that it is the other way round. But this level of preparation will certainly help in the real world.

Adrian skinner another recipient stated that she had many roles to play and donned many caps as a mother, wife, and a Navy veteran among other things.

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