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Tennessee received $1.7m award for financial education for college access and success

November 28,2010 by: admin

The state Department of Education has recently released funds amounting to $1 million for the College Access and Success program. This grant is for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the finance instructional and teaching materials for middle school and high school. This program is intended to assess the students in order to improve their performance for them to be qualified for the federal student aid, and be able to get into college. Here, new approaches will be implemented to train students how to create and investment in higher education, and to prepare financial decisions.

School districts were challenged to formulate a financial literacy program which will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  1. Financial literacy projects for the local issue.
  2. Upbringing a leadership team that can uphold projects on financial literacy.
  3. Management plans focused on project improvement; resources for projects on grant funding.
  4. System for evaluation that will obtain effectiveness of projects. This

The highest pointer among all 14 qualified applicants was Tennessee, which will then receive funding for four years from the FECAS or “Financial Education for College Access and Success” program. The student will therefore obtain a degree in college without for four-years of education and that he or she will be able to choose the kind of course that is in line with his or her interest field. It is such a great privilege to obtain a free college education because this is one thing that many low-income families yearn for.

The program is authorized to prepare lecturers to assist students in making financial assessments and other related issues as well as the advantages of a higher education. This will somehow ease the burden of students and parents confronted with financial problems especially when students reach college. Under this program and with the assistance of the lecturers, parents and students will be able to have a better and deeper understanding of the assistance, the student program can provide.

The program for student aid will ensure that a quality education expected from the US universities and colleges will continue to provide such quality education deserved by the students, and continue to maintain a good reputation in the world in terms of education. In addition, the program will also ensure that the education provided by these universities and colleges prepare the individuals for their future career.

In line with the further success of the program, educators must be equipped with materials needed to deliver a better result in helping the students making informed decisions regarding pursuing higher education. These materials shall be made accessible to all teachers throughout the country, and are subject to modifications.

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