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The Lack of Scholarship Programs for Graphic Design

April 27,2010 by: admin

The economic crisis have really been quite an obstacle for most young people dreaming of pursuing higher education to achieve their dream careers. With the current financial turmoil the country has been experiencing, a lot of incoming college students are desperately seeking for ways that can help them pay for their college degrees.

 Luckily, some are able to find scholarships they qualify for – may it be with the help of their talents, athletic mastery, or academic achievements. However, some still find it alarming that scholarship programs for the arts are becoming less and less available as the years go by.

The situation of having limited slots for sponsorships for kids who want to go to arts school and pursue their passion is being considered disturbing by a lot of communities. Especially now that careers in the design fields are booming, this can be a cause for waste of promising talent.

One good example of the field seeing less support from scholarship foundations is the graphic design area. As graphic designers are becoming more in demand with the rise in popularity of the use of the World Wide Web for several purposes, universities also start to offer degrees for the field. Sadly, only a limited number of scholarship programs are available for kids aspiring to have a career in the graphic arts department.

A lot see this fact to be one of the biggest reasons why a lot of designers today prefer to quiestion, if not entirely ditch, traditional education related to this field. Without any form of aid to be able to pay for graphic design school, most hopefuls turn to training on their own and just trying to learn from their own experiences and rely more on their creativity and talent.

The problem of not having enough professionals in a field with formal training will surely plague the graphic design industry in the future if problems like the lack of financial aids and scholarship programs continue to prevail. Sure, the graphic design industry is always ever changing and largely varies from one artist to another, but standards are still always a good thing to have at hand to prevent chaos, and to continue to ensure the quality of works that will be available to the public.

It would really be great if the decision whether to pursue a college degree in design would be decided by the person planning to be a designer himself and not the situation where he can’t pay for his education.

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