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Chicago Board of Education Officially Declares to Close 49 Chicago Elementary Schools

May 29,2013 by: admin

It is considered, closing down the schools in Chicago was the centerpiece of long term plan provided by Emanuel to close a deficit of $1 billion budget that the city is currently witnessing. However, on comparison, hike in the salary of teachers as a result of the strike and protests has a projected price tag of only $75 million every year. However, the decision to shut down so many schools and in such short span of time is exceptional in a large American city such as Chicago.

According to Barbara Byrd-Bennett, CEO of Chicago Public Schools, it is impossible for them to maintain the status quo which is working for all school children in the city. However, closing down so many schools has been difficult for them but has to be taken as an essential step. On the other hand, the mayor stated that it is most important to provide the budding generation with a bright future, and that’s what he is aiming at. He is actually continuing with the transformation to provide the city significant power to refurbish the public education system.

On the other hand, President of Chicago Teachers Union, Karen Lewis, has promised to oust Emanuel from his office over the matter of closing the schools and the union has also filed a lawsuit against him. According to him, it is the day to mourn for the students in Chicago. Their right to education has fallen prey to the unelected, unrepresentative school board, which is acting on behalf of the mayor who has no aim of improving the education system for the children, she alleged. However, she is confident to win the “war” in this situation.

The Chicago Teachers Union will organize an event to teach people how to register as voters on Thursday at Bethel AME Church, Chicago South Side. It is expected that the fight between the union and Mayor will reach to the ballot boxes from a court in the days to follow.

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