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Colleges gets into mould of game-based learning

December 04,2011 by: admin

Brianno Coller, an engineering professor at the Northern Illinois University in DeKalb took the initiative to welcome new ways of learning to solve math problems. Animation and interaction became the catchword, as he came up with the new-age educational approach through video games, focusing upon game-based learning.

Faculties in educational institutes all across the country are seen to formulating the new-age learning approach by complementing the course curriculum with game-based learning. The new trend is being added to the courseware based on the thought that it helps in stimulating the learning process and builds interest towards the specific course of study. Boston College took to a new gaming way by introducing their nursing students to a virtual crime scene for conducting forensic research.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison introduced a game known as Melody Mixer that teaches the students the significant aspects of reading and composing music. The Mercyhurst College in Erie, P.A. introduced the play of World of Warcraft for students enrolled in the course of intelligence studies.

The game-based approach of learning reached in new heights in recent years, as more and more colleges are seen to get into the mould of integrating learning, the fun way. Furthermore, the learning approach also received an empowerment, after it was flaunted as an active part of the new national technology plan of the U.S. Education Department.

Well, the initiatives on a national ground are seen to focus more upon elementary and high schools. The learning concept or approach in its years of coming into focus witnessed great support from big names like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The foundations are witnessed to offer their extended support to public schools that has designed its educational approach focusing on the concept of game-based learning in cities of New York and Chicago.

The new-age learning approach focusing upon game-based learning though is being accepted widely in educational institutes across the country, the benefits are yet being debated upon. While a group considers integrating a fun approach of learning stimulates interests, the other section considers it to engage students more in gaming than learning.

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