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Collegeweeklive unveils college fair

November 29,2010 by: admin

CollegeWeekLive’s FALL college fair online in Connecticut expects about 50,000 students in high school to attend from Wednesday to Thursday at 9 o’clock in the morning up until 10 o’clock in the evening. The great thing about the fair is that it is free and the students get to choose from above 300 college or university websites to visit. They can communicate with admissions staff thru chat and even financial aid staff to gather information and advice regarding their respective schools. They can also chat with students from their preferred colleges or universities.

Hartford’s Academy of Engineering and Green Technology said the college fair online that started around past three years has been progressing steadily. They strongly believe that this great opportunity for students should not be missed. School counselor Jennifer Smagin said that most students do not have the time to actually visit certain colleges and universities. The fair gives them the opportunity to visit campuses that are close enough like Uconn and New Haven, and communicate with their staff online.

Visitors of CollegeWeekLive’s website can register and gain access to sites of each college they are interested in. The site also shows information about schedules as to when admissions officers are available for live chat. This is very convenient for students who want to know more about college and university options that they have. It removes the hassle of driving to each school without the assurance of getting all needed information.

Spencer Sherman, one of the employees of this online school fair, said that private video conversations can also be requested by students if they want to talk to college representatives privately. Even financial aid presentations and college essays are available for access by students who wish to know more about it.

In some ways, the fair online is more significant than fairs where people meet personally. This is claimed by Gil Rogers, University of New Haven’s associate director of admissions and enrollment. Colleges often spend $5,0000 to $10,000 per year to be able to partake in such online events.

For each college to be able to market themselves to the students, visitors are asked to fill up a form where they provide information about their records in academics, activities and interests. Colleges then check this information and take note of their contact information. These gathered information will help them identify specific programs that makes each student interested. Online fairs allow colleges to get as much as 500 contacts because students seem to be more comfortable in dealing with online fairs.

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