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Dr. Patricia Fioriello Unveils 18 Ways for Parents to Deal High School Years

November 27,2010 by: admin

Many parents have a dilemma with their teen age daughter or son. These parents are some called to the principal’s office a little bit more frequent than other parents. People go through different stages when going to school and being with other people. These changes that occur in kids are things that make life stressful for a mom or both parents.

Teen age years has always been known as a stormy years and this is when the attention and understanding of parents are badly needed. Parents need to spend quality time eventhough they are busy at work they need to have time with their kids especially at the end of the day.

Communication still is the key to any relationship. Spending quality time has been a household name already and that might even be a rule of the thumb especially nowadays that some teenagers are getting involved with drugs and accidentally becoming pregnant. Parents are not expected to baby sit their kids when they are teen agers already but having quality communication as well as quality time is much needed during this years. Parents who spend less time with their child will not notice if there is something wrong with the child or bothering him or her. If parents somehow notice some changes with their child or children they should ask the guidance counselor about the performance of their child and talk things over and ask the guidance counselor what should be done about the situation and how to approach the teenager without appearing offensive. When the parents team up with the school, things concerning the child will be somehow easier to deal with. It is important that if the parents notice something about the child they should observe and tell the school guidance counselor about this concern.

Dr. Patricia Fioriello who was a public high school teacher, principal and central office administrator, is a San Francisco high school specialist has come up with a new book, entitled 18 Ways for Parents to Conquer the High School Years. Dr. Fioriello has written in compassion as well authority. In this book, Dr. Fioriello shows parents on how they could cope with the changes their teenage son or daughter is going through. The book also shows strategies for parents when it comes to collaborating with the school so that they will be able to deal with the situation with deep understanding. Academic, social as well as emotional issues will be dealt with proven strategies in this book.

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