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Obama talks about education reform at the national convention league

December 08,2010 by: admin

In the 100th convention of the National Urban League held in Washington D.C., President Barack Obama talked about the education reform and its effects to Americans. Obama said that it is the minority students who will largely benefit from refurbishing the schools across the nation. The President further stressed that the changes made with the policies governing education will allow them to demonstrate the government’s obligation to help every child especially those who seemed to be left behind across the country.

The policies renovating schools across the nation have met criticisms from civil rights organizations and unions of teachers. For example, the Urban League has been very vocal with its criticism of the educational policies implemented by the Obama administration. One particular program under President Obama is the “Race to the Top” competition which gathered negative reactions from different organizations. This $4.35 billion worth of program was designed to reward states with innovative reforms in education plans. According to the Urban League, together with seven more civil rights groups, this particular program as shown by federal data turned out to affect only a small percentage of Latino students and three percent of black students.  

Aside from civil rights groups, the American Federation of Teachers and other teachers’ unions are criticizing Obama’s education policies because according to them the reorganization of educational policies sets unreasonable standards when it comes to measuring the performances of teachers. With regards to this issue, Obama said that the current education policies are not aimed to reproach or fire teachers but rather, to build a strong “culture of responsibility” in the academic milieu. Obama also paid tribute to teachers by recognizing that they are the most significant part in schools thus the administration will be calling for more an extensive and in-depth training program as well as additional resources  and higher salary across the board. The President also mentioned that he is looking forward to a nation which has a high regard to teachers whose main priority is to prepare kids for a brighter tomorrow.

The President also mentioned some of his recent development projects in major areas such as the economy and health care. He stressed that all the changes his administration is implementing are geared towards a single goal – it is to establish an economy that can improve the lives of Americans in general. His main aim is to enable all citizens so that everyone can benefit. Obama also mentioned some future concerns such as the passage of a bill designed eliminate discrimination of suspects facing charges related to powder cocaine and crack.

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