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Promise Programs to Come To Aid of Students in Postsecondary Education

July 29,2013 by: admin

A notable paper in this regard is the one by Rodney J. Andrews aptly named, ‘The Promise of Promise Programs’. He is an assistant professor with Texas University and teaches economics there. This paper delves into the various Promise Programs available in the country and gauges their viability as postsecondary education funding tools. As Andrews explains, Promise Programs are scholarship programs, which are locality based, offering fund access for completion of post secondary education.

This is surely an ideal option for those students who have to take inordinate amounts of loans for funding their higher education. It comes to the aid of meritorious pupil having the least capabilities financially. While there are a number of existing merit-based scholarships available to deserving students, Promise Programs differ from them. Firstly, latter completely depends on the generosity of wealthy benefactors who are ready to sponsor students. Sometimes, relationships are present between the community and the donor who may be serving a particular cross-section of society he/she feels an affiliation.

The programs are local and in order to be eligible, a student has to live in a particular region or community for different number of years. Many times strings remain attached with such seemingly philanthropic gestures. Benefactors anticipate that the student will give back to the local community after achieving success in life. However, there is one exclusive benefit of promise programs, which is not present with the regular scholarships. It is necessary to remember that merit is never an issue with such programs.

As a result, anybody can get the monetary funding irrespective of their curricular performance and this brings in an expanding number of students within the funding net. One of the important criteria of ideal programs is that they are transparent. Students and their parents know from the first that they can depend upon such funds whenever the time for higher education comes. This act as a powerful motivating factor egging them on and making them enroll in college without much prodding. Also, compared to complex regular student finances, Promise Programs have simple rules that does away with confusions.

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