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Stylish College Dorms in the US

October 19,2010 by: admin

College students in the United States do not only choose dorms which are comfortable, their decisions are also affected by the how their dorms are designed inside and out. Some universities in the United States offer house options for their students which feature unique interior and exterior designs based on a single theme. Some dorms are now becoming trendier and cooler compared with other common dorms. The list below shows examples of dorms offered to college students:

Brandeis University

Students might love staying in this castle-type dorm inside the campus. This castle was built in 1928. The castle was then converted into a dorm for students to enjoy the rooms and balconies which exhibit panoramic views of Boston. The castle was also used as a model in movies.

Illinois Institute of Technology

If the students like sci-fi films, they might like the futuristic exterior of this dorm. Consistent with its outer design, the dorm completes its package by using wood and metal furnishing which feature matching architect designs. They can study while enjoying the view of Chicago.

Loyola Mary Mount University

Fronting the Pacific, the dorms of this university have a perfect view of the Pacific Ocean. Students from these dorms distress themselves by watching the waves and enjoying the serenity of the ocean after a very long exam. They can also visit the nearby shores at a walking distance from their dorms.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Students who like SpongeBob might like this “Sponge” like dorm. This dorm houses more than 300 MIT students. The dorm was formerly known as Simmons Hall. A unique package of this dorm is that it has a playground where students can play and exercise.

St. Lawrence University

Environmentalists and persons who like nature might choose this option. St. Lawrence University offers electronic-free Asian tents or yurts for some students who go out to study our environment. Some students stay on these tents within the forest of Adirondacks for a couple of weeks.

College of William and Mary

Students of this university are given the option to stay in this 1737 house full of inspiring antique furniture and equipment. Students can also feel warmth while studying in rooms with fireplaces. Students can also the gardens beside this house where some romantic stories were born.

The dorms are considered not only for sleeping. But they are also places where a student can consider as their home.

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