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US is Terribly Lagging Behind Other Countries in Higher Education

November 12,2014 by: admin

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a member of the Congress, recently made a claim that brought an unbelievable fact to the light. He says that the super power, United States that once used to hold the leading rank, stands at 12th position in the list of the countries, with 25-34 year olds individuals with college degrees.

If the claim stands to be true then it gives a rise to numerous questions, related to the country’s education policies. Has industrialization overtaken the attention that the education sector of the US deserves? More importantly, has the government taken any action against this severe educational decline? But before these questions are entertained, more important is to figure out whether the claim holds any truth or not.

The most recent year for which the Economic Cooperation and Development has got the relevant statistics is 2012. The data proves that there are altogether 11 countries, leading US in higher education. These countries are Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Luxembourg, South Korea, Ireland, Australia, Israel, United Kingdom, and Norway. Surprisingly, South Korea is on the top of the list, with a lead of 20% from the US.

Although, there are no definite records of the data from 1990’s to prove whether US was actually on the top, in the list of the number of degree holding students or not, but experts do say that around 25 years back, the country was certainly holding a better position in number of college degrees than today. This indicates how drastically the education sector of one of the most developed country in the world has suffered, in the recent years.

However, professionals analyze these facts and figures from another aspect too. They say that it is not the US that has declined in these years; rather that other countries have shown a remarkable improvement in their higher education systems, resulting in betterment of their ranks. Taking it further, if we talk about the reasons of US’s lagging in higher education, then the most eminent reasons that come to the surface is the high tuition rates, that contributes as a factor: discouraging the students.

In spite of the scholarships, student loans and other financial aids that colleges and NGO’s provide, higher education is still not in the reach of many students in the United States, which is why the education sector of the country has confronted a dire downfall.

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