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USAIDS Awarded USD 71M for Primary Education Support in Ghana

January 02,2015 by: admin

On 29th December 2014, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) made an announcement confirming the Partnership for Education award. This went to the education project, FHI 360, which an international NGO working on the Ghanaian education project.

This project allows Americans to invest 71M dollars to help Ghana’s educational institutes to improve, sustain themselves and to expand over a period of five years. This will cover at least 2.8 million primary school children all over Ghana, and will pay special attention to children in Kindergarten, helping them to get through to grade three.

This project will hold strong with a partnership involving the Ghana Education Service. This will allow FHI 360 to lead a conglomerate of various other educational institutions like the British Council, Ghana Institute for Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), the Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy, and Bible Translation (GILLBT), and the Olinga Foundation for Human Development.

The purpose of this project is to strengthen the education sector in Ghana, and improve the pedagogical excellence of early reading. This will come with improvements in systems that support education, improvement in expansion, engaging communities to encourage reading and sustaining reading outcomes. A small component of the project will improve math skills in children in early grades.

The USAID Partner for Education project is a direct contribution of the U.S. Government to facilitate and implement improvements in Ghana’s 2010-2020 plans for its education sector. Complementary projects still aim at improving the literacy and numeracy of Ghanaian children by upgrading the basic education systems.

The components of this partnership aims at improving education, learning and that aims to meet the education priorities needed to help primary grade children to reach global targets by helping them master their numeracy and literacy skills by the third grade.

Parallel to this project there is a sister project titled “Partnership for Education Testing”, of which the Research Triangle Institute is in charge. The project launched in 2012, and is a four-year project worth $9 million and focuses on improving student assessment process, administration protocols, following the National Education Assessment and introducing Early Grade Math Assessment and the Early Grade Reading Assessment.

In 2015, there will be significant improvement in Ghanaian school systems, nationwide. At the same time, people in the U.S. will have a great opportunity to send aid to people in Africa.

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