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Dishes in School Should Only be Composed of Nutritious Foods

July 31,2012 by: admin

Chef Fisher is a food supervisor at Denver Public Schools and he is in charge of giving new idea to schools of how to make café foods so exciting especially when incorporated with cucumber, pasta, salads and others from raw materials. Mr. Fisher’s idea is just based on the new federal standards giving for school meals that will be effective this month (July 2012). The idea of providing nutritious foods to students was conveyed by the first lady, this is the same reason why most school chefs, food service workers and experts in nutrition all over the US were gathered … (more) July 31, 2012

The new york times gets a response from Florida virtual school

January 30,2011 by: admin

An article produced by The New York Times’ Student Journalism Institute on the virtual classroom technology has created quite a stir amongst the members of the Florida Virtual School who are arguing that the online education is just one of the options for school districts that are struggling to cope with the mandatory class sizes. This article had appeared in the education section of The New York Times last week and it was just a truncated version and not the entire article which had included the commentary on the merits of blended learning methods etc.  This version of the article … (more) January 30, 2011

Instead Of Being Cured

September 25,2010 by: admin

Recent studies revealed that patients who are infected by lethal, drug-resistant bacteria one of which is the microbe Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA and the other which is called Clostridium diffucile, are growing in numbers. Health care acquired infections can cost $30 billion annually and can be held responsible for over 100,000 deaths that is why it is among the leading causes of fatality in the United States. Indeed this epidemic is one major problem that has to be immediately addressed by healthcare providers. With this kind of threat to the public it is indeed a must to let people … (more) September 25, 2010

Physicians Careers with the Lowest Compensation

September 09,2010 by: admin

While the health care industry continues to proliferate, many job openings are still being offered to health care graduates and experienced health care professionals. This is due to the strong demands of hospitals, wellness clinics and nursing institutions. Health care careers are known to be high-paying that is why many high school graduates opt to enter into any health care career course. For some reason, not all physician careers are high paying. A column at Guide states that there are physician jobs that pay the worst among other physician careers. Although money is not the main consideration for people … (more) September 9, 2010

Moving Ahead with Your Health Career

September 03,2010 by: admin

Andrea Santiago’s column on talks about some self-introspection on managing a health career in the future. Upon entering into any health career, questions must be asked such as” Are ready to face a career in Healthcare for a number of years?” For some reason some of your favorite TV shows like “ER”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scrubs” can also have an effect in choosing health-related career. Thus, these TV shows can be quite influential in making a decision. Another thing that affects, career decision-making is by tracing back high-school performance wherein you exceled well in subjects such as Biology, Chemistry … (more) September 3, 2010