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Dishes in School Should Only be Composed of Nutritious Foods

July 31,2012 by: admin

Chef Fisher is a food supervisor at Denver Public Schools and he is in charge of giving new idea to schools of how to make café foods so exciting especially when incorporated with cucumber, pasta, salads and others from raw materials. Mr. Fisher’s idea is just based on the new federal standards giving for school meals that will be effective this month (July 2012).

The idea of providing nutritious foods to students was conveyed by the first lady, this is the same reason why most school chefs, food service workers and experts in nutrition all over the US were gathered in Denver for a yearly conference by the School Nutrition Association. It’s a non-profit organization of school food professionals in the US these days. Vendors were asked to provide samples of their work through a school food fare and foods should be composed of whole grain rolls, turkey sandwiches, pizzas and others.

School food vendors were given an idea about how to improve their cuisines and part of their task is to push kids to eat healthier meals if they could make their foods tastier yet nutritious too. The new federal department of Agriculture and nutrition standards for school meals that made the conversation more interesting, though the rules were established and it is composed of limiting sodium, increasing calories and offer bigger portions of fruits and vegetables to main meals. There should also be a percentage with milk and whole grains too.

Schools need to cook meals from raw materials which mean they need to cook from scratch. They shouldn’t use processed foods to be able to meet the requirements of the federal government according to a nutritionist. Though, school officials coming from different districts were working for the last 15 years to just improve the meals of the kids according to Julia Bauscher who is the vice president of the school nutrition association. Gone are the days of quick meals in school because schools need to cook foods from raw ingredients and not from processed or preserved foods that are quick to cook or sometimes ready to serve. They are still allowed to serve chicken nuggets but they shouldn’t be fried instead, they should be baked while hotdogs need to be composed of turkey and not pork or beef.

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