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Moving Ahead with Your Health Career

September 03,2010 by: admin

Andrea Santiago’s column on talks about some self-introspection on managing a health career in the future. Upon entering into any health career, questions must be asked such as” Are ready to face a career in Healthcare for a number of years?” For some reason some of your favorite TV shows like “ER”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scrubs” can also have an effect in choosing health-related career. Thus, these TV shows can be quite influential in making a decision. Another thing that affects, career decision-making is by tracing back high-school performance wherein you exceled well in subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and General Science while others are struggling hard to obtain a passing grade. There are many things to consider in choosing a career in the medical field and you have to make it a point that everything perfectly fits right for you. Aside from the income factor, what should you ask yourself upon moving ahead to any health care career.

Ask yourself questions in order to come-up with a good decision.

What are some motivating factors that affect your decision to pursue a career in healthcare? What are your expectations and objectives? Are you willing to help other people? Do you like Math and Science subjects? Are your skills fit for the job? Is it because of the income that you can gain after schooling? Make sure that you are ready to face the challenges of the health care industry because it is not only about being paid well but the experience of stress and hard work. Well, all jobs have certain levels of stress, however, comparing it with the health care career, a certain degree of difference can be observed. Yes, it is true, that health care careers pay well, and that the study loan you acquired during your university studies, can be paid up easily upon working. Medical careers are truly rewarding however, the field requires a enormous endurance, commitment and hard work. By knowing things that motivate you, you can stay focused on such career.

How will you obtain education and training which are needed for a health care career? You have to do some research about the diplomas, degrees and trainings needed for various medical careers. If you choose to be physician or a high-level nurse in the future, then time and money are significant factors. Make sure that finances necessary for education are well though-of. Time-element is something that you have to consider because some health careers require more than 10 years of continues education while some careers require 4 to 6 years. It all depends upon your decision on the number of years you want to study. If you want to be a physician, it will surely take 10 to 15 years for you to obtain residency. There are health care careers that can take regular years of studies such as Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant.

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