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California food handler’s card – in-house and online training offered

July 05,2011 by: admin

Around 50 million American citizens had reportedly dined out on Father’s day. This is based on reports by the National Restaurant Association. So, California’s food safety bill SB 602 could not have come at a better time than this. As per the new law every employee that handles food in restaurants must have their California Food Handler Card. The definition of the food handler is someone who is involved in the process of preparing, storing, and serving food in a food joint. Hence, this would include employees in restaurants such as chefs, cooks, head cooks, wait staff, bussers, hosts, hostesses, bartenders, as well as supervisors and general managers.

The California Food Handler Card can be obtained through online training. The training costs only $15 in Spanish or English. The In-House and Online training is offered by Jeff Nelken, M.A., RD, Food Safety Expert and a coach at LA County Health Department. Nelken is also a certified trainer and member of Tellem Worldwide’s Food Issue Group.

Nelken also stated that they were offering in-house classes at chambers of commerce or at restaurants and just any other place where a large number of food handlers can come together at one point in time. These classes are offered at $45 per person. The SB 602 will go a long way in improving the overall food safety, since California is home to over 1.4 million jobs in the food industry. Now local health departments will be able to ensure that the food safety obligations are met by the food facilities as it is required under the law. Food handlers will now be required to have a valid food handler card and local health departments will have to keep records that may be provided to the local enforcement personnel upon request, stated Nelken.

Tellem Worldwide is a PR, social media & crisis management agency. It established the Food Issues Group in 2003 and took Nelken’s help and offered consumer education, bioterrorism education, crisis preparedness and management, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan development.

Tellem’s Food Issues Group is aimed at focusing and educating those involved in the food business by teaching them methods they can use to avoid food-borne ailments. The recent sprouts issue in Germany has been another wakeup call with regard to food safety. So, the crisis management expertise offered by groups like Tellem helps companies get out of the crisis they may be in.

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