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Democrasoft introduces collaborize classroom topic library into online education

July 29,2011 by: admin

Democrasoft Inc., has announced in a press release that it is going to introduce Collaborize Classroom Topic Library into its online education platform. This library would contain a huge repository of pre-formatted, individual learning units. This topic library has been created for and by teachers and it would help teachers all over to access and share individual ‘question based topics.’

This Collaborize platform is already proving to be a great hit as it has successfully been able to engage students online and help them improve their depth of learning as well as their test scores. With the help of the Collaborize platform teachers the world over can help students improvise by sharing individual topics that have been more successful in their own Collaborize Classrooms all over the world.

As per the available reports, some of the teachers had earlier launched private, secure Collaborize Classroom websites. These have helped bring about significant improvements with regard to student engagement.

Now teachers can easily access their own Collaborize Classroom websites with a few clicks and add individual topics from this Topic library that has a huge repository of topics on almost all subjects, stated officials.

The most interesting fact is that the Topic Library will also help in building a peer review system. This will allow teachers to add their ratings and comments to those topics that have already been consulted from the library. The company states that this will help in better assessment of the topics. This will also help in looking at the relevance and value of the topics in the library.

With the new extension of the Collaborize Classroom, teachers can now benefit from the Topic library as well as the success of the rest of the teaching community. This is also available free of charge for teachers all over the world and is like the basic platform, stated Richard Lang, CEO & Chairman, Democrasoft.

Collaborize Classroom’s online learning platform is an award-winning model, based on which the Topic library has been built. This will aid new teachers to benefit hugely from the work that has already been done by the more experienced teachers the world over. Teachers who are more ambitious can now use these platforms to gain global exposure. Now teachers in any corner of the world can gain recognition for being providers of successful and effective topics that have also been validated by their peers worldwide.

This new Collaborize Classroom Topic Library would be released just in time for the fall semester.

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