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Iowa house approves education reforms but with limited scope for online education

May 12,2012 by: admin

The new set of reforms that were approved by the Iowa House last Tuesday limits the number of students for online courses to only 900. In addition to this, there is a restriction of just 1 percent overall enrollment for outward open enrollment in every district. As per the stipulations of the reforms, the Iowa Department of Education has to also come up with a statewide program for online education.

Representative Jeremy Taylor from Sioux City who was also an English teacher said that the new set of reforms that were given approval by the House showed a certain amount of promise and good faith. He also said that he was apprehensive about the proposal that proposed 100 percent education online. The members of the House in Iowa rejected the proposal put forward by Democrats that stipulated that students get half of their coursework online. Though there was a marathon debate in the House on Tuesday night with one set of reforms getting rejected, the House waited till the morning of 14th March to cast a vote for the overall reform package for education. The final vote was held up so certain technical amendments could be made to the proposed reforms. Once the House approved the package, it would make its way to the Senate for approval. The state Senate could either choose to approve the bill approved by the House or the education reform bill they have drafted.

Online learning was not the only reason that the House rejected the reforms proposed by Governor Terry Bradford. The reforms also stipulated that the teachers who intended to enroll for the teacher preparation program needed a GPA of at least 3.0 which should be consistent till they complete their graduation.

Representative Guy Vander Linden from Oskaloosa said that there were many unnecessary inclusions in the reforms proposed by the Governor. Another Representative Cecil Dolecheck who was in support of the proposed regulations said that increasing the requirements for teacher preparation programs could increase the public perception about teachers and would also help them garner public support to increase their wages.

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