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Online education – is it really effective

November 16,2010 by: admin

Online education has gained much popularity in the recent years. According to the information from the Department of Education, the top online universities in the USA are the University of Phoenix (founded in 1976 with more than 380, 000 enrollees), Kaplan University (founded in 1937 with 70, 011 enrollees) and Strayer University (founded in 1982 with 54, 325 enrollees). These top three online universities and the rest of them ha s provided a convenient way for people to study. Al though there have been criticisms relating to this method, more and more people still try it out.

For the past several years, the enrolment in online education has been growing or increasing faster than higher education enrolment. Based on research provided by the Department of Education, over 3.9 million students took at least 1 online class in 2007. This is a 12% increase compared to the previous year. This means that over 20% of the student population in the whole USA were talking at least 1 online class in 2007. Can you imagine the number of online students there are these days?

Since online classes have shown a substantial growth for the past years, the number of institutions offering online classes also increased. Nowadays, most educational institutions or universities offer their students online courses or even online degrees. And the vast majority of people who want to have a higher educational achievement but at the same time needs to work make this method quite successful. Rising advantages of online education is working wonders in convincing more and more people to try it. 

But the education department has also seen drawbacks of this technique. As we all know, teachers play a very vital role in the development of a child. In the academic sense, teachers praise the student or give them tips on how to study more effectively. There is a more personal approach on studying. This is what is lacking in online education. Students do not receive any praises or pieces of advice for anyone. They study in their own free will because they do not need to follow a specific and Spartan type of discipline. This is why this method is not effective for 100% of the students. Not everyone can handle this type of education training. For this reason, educational institutions try to filter or give students the pros and cons of the said medium of learning. In the future, people might be able to invent an online school which can also provide personal touch just like the teachers.

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