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Test Preparation: An Issue That Isn’t Weeded Out Yet

May 15,2014 by: admin

Interviews conducted on students and teachers across New York City in the recent past have shown that preps are as robust as ever. This has been largely contributed by a decade of reforms in the education sector which has seen accountably-based reforms take center stage. The reforms have made it hard for the chancellor’s message to have any effect. Another reason for the continued popularity of preps is the state law that bases teacher’s performances partly on test scores which are still a factor for one to be admitted in competitive middle and high schools. Another factor that has led … (more) May 15, 2014

Erstwhile Manufacturing Behemoth Struggles to Keep Schools Open

August 12,2013 by: admin

On the upside, situations in Philadelphia are not as dire as in Detroit. They are not planning to resort to bankruptcy filing any time soon. Recently, the city agreed to borrow funds in the range of $50 million for keeping the schools running for the time being. Schools are going to open from September 9 onwards with severe restrictions on staffing and the sharp curtailing of extracurricular activities Parents are amazed with the turn in the situation of Philadelphia schools and, above all, the callousness of the school system in bringing funds to alleviate the financial crunch. Parents ask why … (more) August 12, 2013

States Divided On the Issue of New Teacher Entry Policy

May 14,2013 by: admin

Statistics are lending support to such a notion, which finds that all states considered measures extending from licensure-test results to GPAs, minority candidates often score weaker compared to white counterparts. The present membership of teaching community shows significant absence of diversity when one considers this against the varied background of students in the classrooms. With the implementation of new policies, this situation may aggravate further. Everybody agrees that this is a huge issue, which requires full-fledged communication with higher education system prevalent leading to opening of diverse channels for overcoming barriers and addressing issues. Experts agree that there is a … (more) May 14, 2013

Digital Textbooks to Let Teachers Know What Students Are Reading

April 30,2013 by: admin

Teachers from a reputed business school are quick to add that there is good intent behind this new technology ready for introduction and it is a ‘Big Brother is watching’ kind of thing. The focus is on CourseSmart, brand new software from Silicon Valley allows educators across Texas schools to track the progress of their students via e-books. No wonder teachers are quite ecstatic regarding this new possibility and are waiting for the coming fall when this program is going to launch. One thing is for sure, this is going to revolutionize the education system in the coming times affecting … (more) April 30, 2013

An Online Education Experiment by WellesleyX

December 05,2012 by: admin

Online education has been touted to become the most preferred form of higher education since it enables a lot of students, especially the ones with monetary constraints, to complete their studies and hone their job skills. This is one of the innovations that offer students a better option as compared to attending standard classes. However, learning centers that have been the pioneers in this field have always exerted a cautious approach because many believe that it is a great mode of training students instead of educating them. Speaking about the initiative of Wellesley College in the field of online education, … (more) December 5, 2012