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Speakers admit the necessity for online learning

April 30,2012 by: admin

The 2012 Educational Summit at Cal State Fullerton was attended by Judi Carmona who is currently Palcentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District’s school board member. She said that she was present at the event to hear the views of Senator Huff, who is currently a member of the senate’s education committee. Senator Huff began the panel’s discussion by accepting that there needs to be certain changes brought into the classrooms of California though the economy still stood on shaky ground. He admitted that most people were frustrated with the availability of limited resources and impressed on the need to bring in changes that could overpower this frustration. He said that this was the right time to bring about certain changes that can revolutionize the concept of education for children.

The discussion was taken forward by Keith Boyum who is the interim executive assistant to the President at CSUF. He started his discussion by summarizing the scenario of online education in the United States with the specific mention of the CSUF campus as well. He said that the CSUF campus is embracing the concept of online education with open arms since they believe that it has a great potential to grow in future. He also outlined the various types of learning that students can choose from. He spoke about all forms of education ranging from traditional classroom learning with no online interaction to online learning where a larger part of the learning process takes place on the internet.

Boyum expressed positivity about the growth of online education and said that it has a great opportunity since it enhances the learning process and also helps keeps the cost of education low. Nearly 33 percent of American students taking higher education took up online classes in the year 2010. However, Boyum said, this number has increased drastically and currently, in CSUF alone, there are 8000 students in 2012 who have signed up for a minimum of one online class. He also said that the CSUF was channelizing efforts to convert as much physical space as possible into locations for learning support to encourage students.

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