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States Divided On the Issue of New Teacher Entry Policy

May 14,2013 by: admin

Statistics are lending support to such a notion, which finds that all states considered measures extending from licensure-test results to GPAs, minority candidates often score weaker compared to white counterparts. The present membership of teaching community shows significant absence of diversity when one considers this against the varied background of students in the classrooms. With the implementation of new policies, this situation may aggravate further.

Everybody agrees that this is a huge issue, which requires full-fledged communication with higher education system prevalent leading to opening of diverse channels for overcoming barriers and addressing issues. Experts agree that there is a need for caution before making any final decision regarding the subject. Again, no one can deny the need for overhauling the existing education system with recruitment of qualified people who can increase the growth and development of students in the classrooms.

Existing instruments related to teacher entry including ACT, GPA, and SAT come with significant limitations; and therein lays the responsibility of weighing the consequences of such procedures. Many believe that apprehensions against overhauling of existing system are premature and far-fetched. They are of the view that diversity and quality intersect instead of contradicting each other. Any conflict that exists is imaginary and the stress today should be on employing a highly qualified and diverse teaching force where all the forces are interrelated with each other.

Improvements in this regard over the years have done little to change the situation with elementary teachers and recent studies have shown. Proponents of rising of standards for teachers site examples from other countries including Finland, Singapore, or South Korea where there is an emphasis on recruitment of candidates with superior academic records. This group believes that there is no reason why US cannot follow their model and improve the present standard of imparting education in the country.

ACT scores from 2012 are showing a bleak statistics indeed. Mean scores of Hispanic and African-American teachers come within an average of seventeen and nineteen, which is low, compared to twenty-one which is the mean national score. Ratcheting up bars in the coming times can make the situation quite difficult.

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