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What’s Keeping Online Teaching on the Go

September 04,2010 by: admin

Given a computer with an internet connection, what would you do? I bet anyone would not run out of something to say in answering this question. Indeed the advent of the internet has led people to several different opportunities to explore. Among the possibilities handed over to us by the power of internet is earning even by just staying at home and that is through tutoring online.

Online tutorial has been an enormously popular for learning need not to be in a classroom setting and at specific time. As a teacher, mentor or tutor you hold your time, you can work at home and even teach your own field of expertise. Thus it is not surprising to witness training companies, colleges and Universities adding online tutorials for different students worldwide in their academic line of business.

Due to this growing inclination of learners or students to this out of classroom setting kind of learning, the demand on online tutoring or mentoring rated as well. Among the establishments that are in need of tutors are Brain Mass, Freelance Tutoring Jobs, Bilingual America, Limu, Capella Education and many more.

In support to this online teaching and learning trend another innovation was launched by Blackboard for Android, Blackberry and iPhone. This new development from the then latest existing application called Blackboard Mobile Central – is a leap forward bringing in learning more handy. The new application is called Blackboard Mobile Learn and it was launched last August 3, 2010. Blackboard Mobile Learn can provide students a full access to their degree program information. Students can be reminded of their assignments, notified of their grades, make comments on discussions, blog posts and more.

This is another fascinating innovation for both parties; the students and the teachers. It is again adding another feature for the online teaching career that can be of advantage if utilized accordingly. This new feature again is changing the face of education making it far more distinct from the original and traditional way of learning.

It would not be surprising if after a couple of years another innovation would add more variance to this technologically-powered teaching career. So long as the trend of learning experience outside its traditional orientation is on, further advancement in technology would definitely help those who wanted to build an online teaching career.

Having an online teaching career changes the scenario of “your work bringing you to its place” to “you bringing your work to your place.” Mobility of people is more than a trend now, it is culture thus it is very advantageous and convenient to have such technology that would allow you to move without loosening your ties or connection to your career. Thus having an online teaching career is one of practical choices one can have nowadays.

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