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Wal-Mart To finish Income Of Some Semi-Automatic Rifles, Citing Lower Need

August 12,2020 by: admin

Are Women To Save The Day?

October 03,2010 by: admin

Gender discrimination issue has been echoing in our society long time ago. In almost all aspects of life inequality brought about by gender differences appeared to be an issue that has to be dealt with over and over again. Today, another underrepresentation of one of the two genders has caught the attention of most people. It is becoming apparent that women seem to be lesser involved when it comes to the field of science and engineering. According to The United States Nat’l Science Found’n and Nat’l Institutes of Health’s ‘Survey of Students who graduated and Post doctorates in Science and … (more) October 3, 2010

Male Scientists Issues

October 02,2010 by: admin

Full-Time Male Scientists Want So Much to Be Full-Time Fathers, too The National Study of the Changing Workforce reported that today, employed fathers spend more time with their children than fathers of three decades ago. In 2008, the US Census Bureau reported that 97% of the time, it is the wife that would stay at home to take care of the children. The three percent explains that men’s role as a father and caregiver haven’t been fully been seen as something normal in the society. In 2008, about 48% of men claimed that that their wives or partners take care … (more) October 2, 2010

Protein Folding Game Used for Scientific Research

August 25,2010 by: admin

Scientists from University of Washington started working on a project a couple of years ago that would determine how the brainpower of computer gamers can solve medical problems. The project was to create a game, called FoldIt that is designed based on biochemistry principles. Amateurs will compete and work together with experts to design protein structures. The stages of the game will start with a simple tutorial stage and will continue with stages that are progressively more complex. The object of the game is to create or design protein structures with increasing stages of difficulty. The game was compared to … (more) August 25, 2010

A Solar-powered Sports Complex

August 24,2010 by: admin

As of press time, the largest known solar-powered sports facility in the world is the Pocono Raceway. Built with almost 40,000 solar panels, the said sports facility has been launched on August 1, 2010. The ground-breaking ceremony took place last year and with just nearly a year, all the efforts of the involved bodies in the creation of the sports facility had paid off. The Long Pond, Pennsylvania officials are pleased with the effort because at least three megawatts of electric power will be supplied to the area. Three megawatts is enough in providing power during Pocono Raceway events and … (more) August 24, 2010