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A Solar-powered Sports Complex

August 24,2010 by: admin

As of press time, the largest known solar-powered sports facility in the world is the Pocono Raceway. Built with almost 40,000 solar panels, the said sports facility has been launched on August 1, 2010. The ground-breaking ceremony took place last year and with just nearly a year, all the efforts of the involved bodies in the creation of the sports facility had paid off. The Long Pond, Pennsylvania officials are pleased with the effort because at least three megawatts of electric power will be supplied to the area. Three megawatts is enough in providing power during Pocono Raceway events and that would be a $250,000 saving on electric bill for the local government and a thousand houses near the facility.

NASCAR chief Brian France is encouraging other venues to follow the same path in creating sustainable efforts in utilizing renewable energy.

After several months of planning, the twenty-five acre sports facility project has finally been completed with a price of $15 million. Not only is Pocono Raceway Pennsylvania’s largest but the world’s largest solar-powered sports complex. According to the Pocono Raceway’s president, Brandon Igdalsky, the said sports complex will be in full operation few weeks from now and if everything goes well, it is expected that it will only take less than five years to pay for itself.

Producing more than seventy-two million kilowatt hours of energy for the next couple of decades, it can supply power to every event held in the raceway. Aside from the sufficient amount of power supplied by the solar power, it is also very environment-friendly offsetting more than 3,104 metric tons of carbon dioxide in a year.

The idea of saving a quarter million dollars and an environment friendly project sure is very good but it still is something to find out and wait whether other states and local government would follow. The twenty-five acre lot turned into solar-powered sports facility is owned by the Mattioli family and developed by enXco. NASCAR has always been known for its wide effort in developing technology while preserving the environment and is urging other companies to invest on the same project.

The world is now suffering from a lot of the after effects of the global warming especially the weather change. There had been some debate as to whether the climate change is due to men’s industrial activities or something natural but whatever could be the real or major reason, the more important thing now is that something is being done to save the remaining beauty and resources of the nature.

This year will be a year for several events at the Pocono Raceway and for the very first time, it is the sun powering the whole sports facility.

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