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Atmospheric and space scientists and the challenge of climate change

August 14,2010 by: admin

Climate change created a good deal of discussions and predictions not only in the scientific world but also within the realm of governance and decision-making locally and internationally. The recent United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 15) and the accord signed in Japan a few years ago, also known as the Kyoto Protocol, is a glaring testament that climate change is an issue that need not be elbowed just like that. As such, scientists from around the world try to explain such phenomena.

Science is a general field of knowledge that aims to explain every phenomenon that happens to the natural and physical world. As such, there is an ever-increasing demand for scientists around the world. On the other hand, it does not mean that when you mention about this field, the jobs are always confined inside the laboratories. In fact, jobs in this industry may include atmospheric and space scientist. Here is an overview of such career.

These scientists are responsible for investigating a plethora of atmospheric phenomena and interpreting meteorological data gathered from surface and aerial satellites and radars. Recent predictions and talks regarding the present trends in climate change also demand a great deal of work from atmospheric and space scientists. They are the ones responsible for collecting historical climate information so that they can analyze climate trends and provide predictions of the weather.

Last 2008; there are about 9, 400 atmospheric and space scientists around the country according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Now, it is undoubtedly that this number has grown as such and so is the demand for this job. This number does not include those who work as university and college faculties in meteorological departments of such universities.

With the advent of the issues poised by climate change, these scientists are facing a new challenge, that is, analyzing the situation and proposing solutions for the said phenomenon. Atmospheric and space scientists are responsible for collecting and using applied meteorological research with the data gathered from surface and aerial radar and satellite stations. These data enable them to conduct various simulations of the present climate conditions in order to understand and predict global and regional weather patterns.

Nonetheless, your tasks as an atmospheric and space scientists include the development of new equipments and methodologies to facilitate a more efficient gathering of meteorological data. As such, you are not limited to the confines of a laboratory in this profession. In some cases, you will also be tasked to consult with other researchers and analysts from other fields to analyze the impacts of economic activities, for instance, to regional and global climate trends. Finally, you can also write journal articles or reports for universities and certain private parties concerned with the data that you will have to handle.

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