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You Can Now Redirect Your Career Path in Social Services

August 15,2010 by: admin

Now social service careers can now be redirected to other work other than being a worker. Social and human services assistants are also positions offered for those who want to give genuine service to others. Take not that this kind of position is considered a general term for many other sub-categories of position including human service worker, social work assistant, case management aide, community support worker, community outreach worker, mental health aide, life skills counselor, youth worker, social services aide a, psychological aide, gerontology aide and client advocate.

The social service assistants usually work under the guidance and immediate direction in variety of fields like nursing, psychology, psychiatry and social work. The great deal lies in the amount and variety of responsibilities that come with their job. For whether they have direct or little supervision, the idea is that they are there to help in improving human lives in general.

A social and human service assistant is expected to provide services to their clients in order for the latter to ease out their quality of life. Their involvement begins by assessing the needs of their clients. Understanding their problems will lead them to the right solution and desired results. The job also requires the investigation of eligibility of the clients for benefits and services like Medicaid and welfare and food stamps. The proven eligibility of the client will direct the assistant in helping them to secure the benefits.

This kind of work is very important in the conduct of recreating a human community. The social service assistants are tasked to organize group activities and assist clients in the process of crisis intervention and counseling. They usually administer the provisions of emergency fuel programs and food banks. The assistants are also trained to help adults who are in need of supervision with daily living tasks and personal hygiene especially those who are in halfway houses, government-supported housing programs and group homes.

Geared for adult welfare, this job requires the person to review the record of their clients, make sure that the latter acquires proper medication, confer with medical personnel in-charge and talk or communicated with their client’s family members. Aside from this, the need to provide emotional support is also intense because clients need the help to become more involved in community activities like recreation and leisure. Since the clients are usually aged, the emotional support is needed to make the feel that they are still worthy individuals of the community despite their age and physical incapacities.

Having the heart to help others and become agents of genuine services is the core to successful social service careers. Aside from this is the academic success that one needs to acquire through college education in the form of a diploma or certificate. Education and training will help the social service worker assistant to perform his or her job well because clients are not just mere ordinary people but are those who are in intense need for aid and support. Indeed, the world needs more than people with degrees but also of those who hold their diploma with supreme desire of transforming the community.

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