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Online Jewelry CoursesIf you are fond of jewelry, art, design and love working with your hands, then a career in jewelry design and repair may be the right one for you. Many jewellers are self-employed and run their own jewelry design and repair shops. There are, however, career opportunities as well for those who would like to seek apprenticeship or employment. You could work in retail stores where you would be assigned to different jobs such as repairing jewelry, design, setting and polishing stones. The upside of working in retail outlets is you can get commissions from jewelry you are able to sell. Jobs in jewelry manufacturing companies, on the other hand, are generally more specialized.

A typical coursework of an online jewelry certificate program would tackle interrelated courses and topics such as jeweller tools, jeweller machines, jewelry making, setting, design, casting, jewelry repair, wax carving, gemmology, fabrication, and jewelry manufacturing.

According to a 2007 survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jewellers and precious stone workers earn on average$31,200 per year, with the upper ten percent of workers in the jewelry trade averaging $53,920 per annum.

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