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Online Photography Courses

Online Photography CoursesIf you have a passion for art, photography, and cameras, then a career in photography might be an ideal choice for you. Photography as with any art form does not heavily rely on one's educational background but rather on one's skill and talent, which can be developed and harnessed through years of experience. Completing a course on photography would, however, give you the all-important fundamental core skills and know-how of the trade. What's good with photography is that you really do not have to rely on companies to hire you since you can establish your own photography service shop or business, and seek out clients on your own. In this kind of set-up you have more artistic and technical freedom when handling projects or assignments.

Students of online photography certificate programs are exposed to a number of interrelated subjects and courses such as commercial photography, PR photography, wedding photography, studio lighting, Photoshop, and digital image management.

Salaries of photography professionals would vary depending on location and industry, to name a few. A photographer on average earns an annual income of $34,911 while camera equipment repairers have a median annual wage of $36,014.

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  1. School: Syracuse University - This course, tackling the Photography and the Fine Arts, surveys the history of photography from around 1840 to 1980. The course tackles not only the history, but more importantly, the historical context behind the development of photography. The also studies literature, media, pop culture, polit...
  2. School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Friday Center - Individuals who would like to learn professional techniques in taking control of their cameras and how they can use technology to develop their artistic style can take up ART 356 offered by the University of North Carolina at Chapel. Introduction to Digital Photography aims to help stude...