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Online Business & MBA Courses

Online Business & MBA CoursesOnline business and MBA certificates can be broken down into the following: accounting, bookkeeping, business administration, business coaching, business communications, business information systems, business leadership, business writing, career development, conflict management, contract administration, customer service, discrimination and harassment awareness, and diversity management.

It can be further broken down to eBusiness and eCommerce, economics, finance, financial planning, hotel and hospitality management, human resources, international business, legal issues in business, management, marketing, operations management, organizational management, personal skills, project management, real estate, sales training, small business management, stress management, tax preparation, team building, as well as time management.

There are two main career paths for certificate holders in online business and MBA. One is to start one's own business, and the other is to seek employment as an economist, executive, manager, administrator, advertiser, marketer, adviser, and many more. They may also opt to undergo further studies and professional training in order to further pursue higher degrees in business courses. The skills and lessons learned are their weapons to future lucrative employment.

Online Management

Regardless of the fluctuations and downsides of the economy, the demand for quality managers in certain key business industries remains mainly unaffected. Operations and project management, marketing, advertising, public relations and sales continue to of

Online Accounting

Completion of an online accounting certificate program would prepare you for a rewarding career as an accounting clerk, bookkeeper, accounting and payroll specialist, accounting technician, and accounting administrative assistant, to name a few.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing Certificates focuses on the forces affecting the market and the factors to consider in understanding and determining the needs and wants of each target segment; and of course, meeting these needs and wants at profit.

Online Finance

An online finance certificate helps you get an interesting and rewarding job as a chief financial officer (CFO), controller, finance analyst, investor relations officer, or general finance officer.

Online Project Management

Online Project Management Certificates produces quality project managers who possess a wide variety of skill sets that allows them to perform a number of different tasks all at the same time.

Online Human Resources

An online human resources certificate opens the door to some of the most lucrative careers in the country. Entry level jobs in HR could earn as much as $30,000, which is already the middle income for some professions.

Online Bookkeeping

Completion of an online bookkeeping certificate program would help you prepare a career as a bookkeeper, accounting clerk , accounting assistant, and accounts payable clerk, to name a few.

Online Business Administration and MBA

Completion of an online business administration and MBA certificate would help you prepare a career as a sales manager, marketing manager, operations manager, general manager, and finance manager to name a few.

Online Business Coaching

Completion of an online business coaching certificate can help you prepare a career as a manager, human resource development manager, organizational development consultant, technical specialist and career coach, to name a few.

Online Business Communications

Completion of an online business communications certificate would prepare you for a career as a communications specialist, PR professional, proof-reader, executive assistant, and human resources officer to name a few.

Online Business Information Systems

Completion of an online business information systems certificate would help you prepare a career as a software programmer, management information systems specialist, and information technology manager to name a few.

Online Business Leadership

Completion of an online business leadership certificate will transform you into a more competent and effective sales manager, finance supervisor, department head, executive officer, and logistics manager to name a few.

Online Business Writing

Completion of an online business writing certificate would give you the tools and skills needed to write impressive business letters and documents such as memos, circulars, progress reports, and speeches.

Online Career Development

Completion of an online career development certificate program would equip you with the knowledge and skills to help you build your career or start a new trade or profession.

Online Conflict Management

Completion of an online conflict management certificate would allow you to pursue rewarding conflict management careers in different fields and industries such as human resource, community dispute courts, and small-claims court.

Online Contract Administration

An online contract administration certificate offers a competitive career as a contract manager, a person works with the employees, vendors, clients, and partners of a specific company.

Online Customer Service

In a fast-paced world, getting an online customer service certificate is one of the best ways to improve one’s future career opportunities while keeping up with current obligations.

Online Discrimination and Harassment Awareness

An online discrimination and harassment awareness certificate is a huge plus to anyone who aspires to work with a company that has a huge workforce. It is also very helpful to professionals and entry-level applicants aspiring for a managerial position.

Online Diversity Management

Having an online diversity management certificate is an excellent way to land any management or administrative position while increasing one’s ability to go up in the corporate ladder.

Online eBusiness and eCommerce

An online eBusiness and eCommerce certificate can reward you with a career as a director of online marketing, website administration assistant, online customer experience representative, head of analytics, and many others.

Online Economics

An online economics certificate is suitable for anyone in the academic, corporate, legal, or political field. Because of the certificate’s versatility, one can easily get any business-related position through it.

Online Financial Planning

Having an online financial planning certificate can easily pave way for careers as a financial planner, personal consultant, finance advisor, and finance analyst. In 2004, such jobs earn at an annual median income of $62,700.

Online Hotel and Hospitality Management

Rewarding careers in government, business, and non-profit organizations are offered to people who possess an online hotel and hospitality management certificate. Bachelor’s and master’s program are offered in this study.

Online International Business

Online International Business Certificates will give you an edge in business arena as the trend on global commerce continues to expand, heightening the need for international business education.

Online Legal Issues in Business

Online Legal Issues in Business Certificates equips students with the understanding and knowledge in transacting business in a legal sense. Certain topics on the law on obligations and contracts, negotiable instruments, partnerships and corporations, sale

Online Operations Management

Online Operations Management Certificates encompasses topics concerning the management of tasks and processes performed in the production and distribution of goods and services. Activities related to operations such as inventory management, quality contro

Online Organizational Management

Every business organization requires qualified professionals who will supervise and facilitate group functions efficiently, making sure that employee satisfaction is met, employee skills are developed, and human resources are properly managed.

Online Personal Skills

Online Personal Skills Certificates is for individuals who want to enhance their soft skills, develop their personality, build up their self-confidence, and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Online Real Estate

Online Real Estate Certificates covers training on brokerage and leasing, mortgage and construction lending, real assets management, institutional real estate investment, corporate real estate, property appraisal and consulting, and real property developm

Online Risk Management

Online Risk Management Certificates are very important to would-be risk managers. It teaches skills in identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risks and the strategic control of the possible effects of uncontrollable and uncertain occurrences.

Online Sales Training

Online Sales Training Certificates provides the needed training for would-be sales professionals on the principles of prospecting and selling. Having prospecting and selling capabilities will serve as a solid foundation for top performing salespeople.

Online Small Business Management

Online Small Business Management Certificates adds specific management skills needed by budding entrepreneurs and business professionals in addition to a strong foundation on fundamental business practices.

Online Stress Management

Online Stress Management Certificates are for individuals who want to take charge of how they react to external stimuli, control their thoughts and emotions, better manage their schedules, and improve their reactions to the environment.

Online Tax Preparation

Online Tax Preparation Certificates can mold you to become a competitive candidate and pave the way to greater heights in the exciting field of taxation.

Online Team Building

Online Team Building Certificates are for human resource professionals or individuals who want a career in human resource development, management consultancy, and professional coaching.

Online Time Management

Online Time Management Certificates teaches top managers and other professionals the different strategies and techniques used in managing time as a valuable resource in accomplishing goals and meeting deadlines.