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Online Bookkeeping CoursesIf you are detail-oriented, highly-organized and have a fondness for numbers, then a bookkeeping career might be the right one for you. Bookkeepers are needed by almost any business enterprise, whether big or small. Financial recordkeeping is essential for companies for them to monitor and track their financial performance. In today's world, bookkeepers need to be computer literate as well, since many companies now incorporate computerized accounting systems into their operations for better efficiency and higher productivity.

The curriculum of an online bookkeeping certificate program would cover a diverse range of disciplines and topics such as managerial accounting, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, college bookkeeping, business mathematics, QuickBooks, principles of accounting, writing for professions, taxation, computer applications in accounting, cash flow and budgeting. An online bookkeeping certificate program is ideal for those who are presently employed as bookkeepers or accounting assistants who don't have specialized or formal education on accounting and bookkeeping.

Two million people are employed across the US as accountants or bookkeepers, according to a 2004 study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also for the same period, bookkeepers earned a median annual salary of $28,570.

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