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Online Business Writing CoursesEffective business writing skills are essential for any individual whose job requires him to correspond or communicate with people on a regular basis, individuals such as executive assistants, managers, human resources personnel, project managers and supervisors. The ability to put your thoughts and ideas elegantly and articulately into writing reflects intellect and competency. Business writing skills are all the more important as you move up the corporate ladder as management jobs would require constant communication with staff, customers and shareholders.

Corporate communication requires a higher level of tact, diplomacy and execution. Your target audience varies and covers a broad spectrum of your organization's hierarchal structure and so you should be able to adjust your style depending on the group who would read your written work or article. Good writing skills can be honed and developed just like any other craft or skill through practice and by attending business writing courses.

Subjects and topics that are included in an online business writing certificate course includes, preparing articles, format, corporate profiles, stylisation, writing for your target audience, writing for the Web, annual reports, and media releases.

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  1. School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Friday Center - The skills in effective written communication shall be enhanced in the course Advanced Composition: Business Writing, which is now available online, in support of the University of North Carolina distance learning program. The course is geared towards developing the art of business writing, with ...