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Online Tax Preparation CoursesThe best part of online Tax Preparation Certificates is that it grants you the flexibility in being a certified taxation professional without disrupting your daily routine and current lifestyle. Relevant topics in tax preparation such as taxation of individuals, income taxation, taxation of partnerships and corporation, estate and property taxation, and IRS procedures and guidelines will be discussed. In addition, the demand for high ranking positions of tax examiners, tax collectors, financial accountants, and revenue agents will never die down as all businesses require tax preparation as the government continues to modify and improve tax enforcement. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that the job opportunities in the said fields will double in the next 10 years.

It has been said that career growth in this field is less than average; the positions are guaranteed to be well compensated. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that back in 2004, median earnings for tax practitioners such as revenue agents, tax collectors, and examiners stood at approximately $43,000 per year and up. Today, median earnings for certified tax professionals are definitely much higher than the 2004 figures.

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  1. School: University of Phoenix - The course Income Tax for Individuals provides the students with a better understanding of the history, policies, and laws of federal taxation. This course includes the discussion of the foundations of income tax and tax computations. It expands the laws of income tax, tax withholds, audit...
  2. School: University of Phoenix - Taxes are present ever since the early civilizations were first established. Nowadays, taxation has become more complicated, that specialists are need by companies in order to calculate and prepare the income taxes of each employed personnel in the company. University of Phoenix Advanced Corporat...