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Online Team Building CoursesThe concept of team building only became prominent in the US during the 1990's. During the 1970's theories and strategies on team building was only for large scale corporations and mostly for top managers only as the work culture back then regarded individual behavior more rather than teamwork. The 1980's saw the transformation from the traditional individual work concept to team dynamics. From 1990 up to present, high performance teams are well regarded and management allocates big budgets for team building methodologies. Businesses take high regard for certified team building professionals who handle team motivation and improve organizational productivity.

Securing online Team Building Certificates can help managers boost employee performance and improve output quality. Topics covered can include team dynamics, organizational behavior and development, team management, conflict management, team performance evaluation and appraisal, team building strategies, and many more. Proven strategies and case studies in team behavior and team cohesiveness are discussed as part of the program. More importantly, the skills that will be learned can be applied to both the corporate environment and personal interactions.

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  1. School: University of Phoenix - Teamwork is very essential when one wants to engage in proper managing. Team dynamics for managers is one of the most advantageous courses offered by the University of Phoenix. This course trains students to effectively and appropriately manage work teams, likewise be able to work in teams to pro...