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Online Computer Science and Engineering CoursesA certified computer scientist and computer engineer is always sought after by numerous businesses in various industries. While computer science is said to lean more on software applications while computer engineering is more on the hardware aspect, both will instill fundamental skills in utilizing and developing computer applications. Not anymore limited to high level IT institutions in Silicon Valley, everyone who desires to have a lucrative career in the world of computers can get online Computer Science and Engineering Certificates and be successful in any chosen career path.

According to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median yearly salary for certified computer scientists and engineers depend on the field or the discipline they decide to specialize on. Computer and information specialists receive $97,970 while database administrators get $67,250. The median salary is $68,220 for network systems and data communications analysts and $71,510 for computer specialists. These IT professionals have strong problem-solving skills and a highly analytic way of thinking. They are vital in making a business organization achieve its technological goals.

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  1. School: University of Nebraska at Kearney - In this digital age, computers have become a necessity. Their use can range from everyday transactions to more complex technical applications. It is nearly impossible to encapsulate the value of computers in the world today, but an excellent introduction is provided by the undergraduate course Co...
  2. School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Friday Center - The University of North Carolina has come up with a course efficient enough in training students to become literate and skilled in the field of information technology. The program Computer Science I: Introduction to C++ Programming (CSC 115) shall offer an overview and general understanding of co...