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Online Internet CoursesA lot of people are actually surprised at the fact that there are online Internet certificate programs made available for people who prefer to work jobs that are largely related to the Internet, particularly Internet usage. If you are still a bit hesitant about this, then here are just some of the job titles related to this said program: Internet professional, eCommerce analyst, help desk specialist, administrative technology assistant, instructional technology developers, web database developers, webmaster developer, network systems engineer, and technical sales professional. Of course, there are many more job titles that you can look into but these, so far, are the popular ones in the trade.

Coursework would obviously require subject areas and specializations that are related to the Internet. One of the areas that would most likely be included in an Internet certificate is the subject of web development. Web development primarily provides students the background that they need from which foundation skills would be developed.

Another subject area included in the program's coursework would be Internet literacy and research skills. This time around, the subject focuses on the importance of being literate on the Internet and sporting research skills. Moreover, it also helps students develop advanced Internet research skills.

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  1. School: New Jersey Institute of Technology / NJIT - The internet is the fastest growing technology today; everyday it houses thousands of additional websites that would want to be available through the internet. This heavy internet traffic makes experts in managing internet more valuable and more demanded. New Jersey Institute of Technology offer...
  2. School: University of Phoenix - The University of Phoenix is among the few schools that offer quality and comprehensive courses taken online. The Internet: Concepts and Applications, also known as the WEB 350, is an online course that aims to supply students with knowledge about internet integration to information technology su...