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Online Netscape CoursesWhen it comes to computer based training geared towards the browser known as Netscape Navigator, the first step towards efficiently getting quality training is by joining and completing one of the many online Netscape certificate programs.

Netscape Navigator is indeed one of the internet browsers used by a lot of people to navigate the information superhighway. Joining a Netscape certificate program will indeed be beneficial for any web user who's into this particular browser.

There are actually several types of Netscape certificate programs that you can choose from today. Understandably, coursework for these programs, no matter the specialization or area they focus on, would solely be about the browser itself. Still, here are some of the significant subject areas that you might want to look into: DNS/DHCP services components, installation of DNS/DHCP services, starting the DHCP services center management console, using the management console, creating an IP address object, creating a subnet address range, DNS zones and NDS, creating a DNS server, starting the DNS server, creating records, configuring the client, installing a web server, hardware requirements, installing the Netscape fast tract server, using Netscape fast tracker server, hardware requirements, and administration server.

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