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Online Dental Courses

Online Dental CoursesDental assistants perform clinical jobs and administrative tasks to help dentists with their office and clinic work. They help operate and maintain dental equipment and assist patients as well. They are also called upon to organize patient files, accomplish paperwork, conduct laboratory tests, receive patients, and perform basic customer service work. A dental certificate is also a good preparatory course for a dental degree. Dental assistants can find jobs in a number of industries such as university-related dental schools, private dental, periodontal or orthodontic practice, and private or government sponsored dental clinics.

The typical coursework of an online dental certificate program would consist of interrelated subjects and topics such as dental science, dental assisting clinical, dental hygiene, nutrition, dental ethics, patient comfort, dental emergencies, pathology, radiology, dental terminology, dental office management, treatment room preparation, anatomy, and dental laboratory procedure.

Career prospects for dental assistants appear to be upbeat and encouraging. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental assistant jobs would increase by 29% from 2006-2016. On the other hand, dental assistants earned a median annual wage of $32,380 in 2008.

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