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Online Fitness CoursesFitness is serious business and a growing number of people are getting into health and exercise. This is especially true for the baby boomer generation majority of which, most, want to stay fit, active and productive. With the growing interest in fitness, a lot of businesses are jumping in the bandwagon, opening gyms, health spas and sports centers throughout the U.S. To stay competitive, these centers and facilities need to be manned with qualified fitness professionals who can assist customers and clients. A certificate in fitness would boost your credentials and help you find employment in gyms and fitness centers. In addition, you could also opt to open your own gym or health facility which can give you better opportunities to earn higher income.

A typical curriculum of an online fitness certificate would encompass a range of interrelated disciplines and topics such as chemistry, exercise science, nutrition, institution management, biology, biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, health risk profiles and fitness assessment techniques, designing exercise prescriptions for normal/special populations.

Salaries of fitness professionals vary depending on a number of variables such as location and industry. Fitness workers earn a median annual income of $25,000.

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  1. School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Friday Center - The fundamental aspects of wellness and good life will be tackled in the program Concepts of Fitness and Health (HED 1201), which is designed to promote healthy lifestyle and good diet to the community. Students who will be enrolled under this course are expected to give value to health as an ind...