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Online Nutrition CoursesNutrition involves the study of food and how our bodies react or respond to them. It dwells into the different categories of food, their nutrient value, food-related diseases, and food preparation. Nutritionists and dieticians advise people on what kind of foods they need to eat and avoid. They can also design diets to patients depending on their need and health condition. Nutritionists basically promote good eating habits and educate people on the hazards of eating excessively.

The typical coursework of an online nutrition certification program consists of a number of disciplines and fields of study such as nutrition and fitness, food safety and sanitation, prenatal nutrition multicultural health, nutrition care and diet therapy in disease, sports nutrition, nutrition education, analysis and management of quantity food.

Salaries of dieticians and nutritionists vary depending on several factors such as industry, experience and educational attainment. Many end up working for healthcare facilities while those who are into consulting jobs are known to enjoy handsome compensation. The median annual wage of nutritionists in 2007 was $50,030.

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  1. School: University of Phoenix - The study of Human Nutrition includes the basic concepts about nutrition intake and the human body. The course discusses the different concerns of digestion and weight control. This will include issues on physical and psychological diseases that are often tied with malnutrition. The course is off...
  2. School: The University of Georgia - Independent and Distance Learning - Nutrition, nourishment, or aliment is the provision to cells and organisms of the materials necessary to support life, which usually comes in the form of food. As such, many common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with a healthy diet and proper nutrition. Given this fact, the distin...