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Online Pharmacy CoursesThe primary duty of a physician is to dispense the correct medicines and drugs to patients as prescribed by medical doctors. They also advise physicians, patients and other health professionals on the side-effects, contraindications, and correct dosage of medicines and drugs. They are also trained to supervise drug regimens and track the progress of patients who are enrolled in a particular drug therapy program. Before patients are discharged from hospitals pharmacists counsel them on the intake of maintenance medicines and drugs. Some pharmacists work with pharmaceuticals companies in the research and development of drugs and medicines. They can also take part in the testing of new pharmaceutical drugs.

Health insurance companies also employ pharmacists to help them design pharmacy benefit plans and packages. The typical curriculum of an online pharmacy certificate program would consist of a range of interrelated subjects and courses such as medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics, physiological chemistry, pharmaceutics, biostats/literature evaluation, health care administration, microbiology/immunology, anatomy and physiology.

Pharmacist salaries are competitive and attractive. A licensed pharmacist earned a median annual wage of $100,480 in 2007.

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