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Online Physical Therapy Courses

Online Physical Therapy CoursesPeople who are into sports and physical exercise could easily transition into physical therapy practice as they are well aware and cognizant of the various injuries one can get from sports and other strenuous physical activities. Physical therapists teach patients different types of exercises and physical drills to help them regain their flexibility and physical mobility. The types of physical conditions and injuries that physical therapists can help treat and rehabilitate include people who suffer from foot injuries, arthritis, wrist injuries, neck injuries, cerebral palsy, shoulder injuries, and lower back problems.

The curriculum of an online physical therapy certificate program covers a broad range of subjects and topics such as manifestations of disease, therapeutic procedures, chemistry, biology, anatomy, examination techniques, biomechanics, neuro-anatomy, and human growth and development.

Employment prospects for physical therapists are encouraging and upbeat. Job growth for this field is expected to surpass that of most other professions through the next ten years. Physical therapists are also well compensated, earning a median annual wage of $66,000 according to the US Department of Labor.

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