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Online Social Work CoursesSocial work is suitable to people who have a keen interest in sociological structures, research, human behaviour, sociological organizations, culture, and sociological history. Qualities and attributes that are helpful in this field are good writing and communication skills, resourcefulness and an eye for detail. Institutions and establishments that employ social workers include government agencies, hospitals, research firms, corporations, and correctional facilities. As a social worker you will be assigned jobs related to consumer trend analysis and research.

Coursework of an online social work certificate consists of a range of disciplines and fields of study such as history, languages, marketing, humanities, economics, philosophy, psychology, consumer behavior, statistical analysis, data collection, modelling techniques, critical thinking, research, evaluation, and organizational behaviour.

Salaries of social workers vary depending on certain variables such as location, educational attainment, and experience. The median annual wage of sociologists is $60,290. Urban planners on the other hand earn an average annual income of $53,450. For supervisory or managerial positions, having a masters or doctorate degree would definitely give you an edge.

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