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Online Science & Engineering Courses

Online Science & Engineering CoursesIn online science and engineering certificate courses, one could major in chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, materials, mechanical or computer engineering. Online education in the sciences can be in agriculture, environmental science, geographic information system, aviation science, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, fire science, mathematics and statistics, physics, and even veterinary science.

Certificate holders may apply for positions as a researcher, microbiologist, cellular biologist, university professor, chemist, mathematician, computer programmer or analyst, all depending on the area of specialization.

In these studies, students can learn various scientific principles, theories, and physical laws as fundamentals to learning special application skills. They are taught to solve technical problems, design constructions for buildings, bridges or roads.

The job market for science and engineering is lucrative. Annual salaries of laboratory technicians are pegged at $45,000. Chemists can earn as much as $60,000 on the average. However, there is also tough competition between potential applicants to a point where the skill specializations of an individual play a very important role in order for them to be hired.

Online Engineering

Depending on what area you decide to specialize in, completion of an online engineering certificate would help you establish a rewarding career as a chemical engineer, geodetic engineer, industrial engineer, computer engineer, and civil engineer.

Online Environmental Sciences

Completion of an online environmental science certificate program would allow you to pursue a rewarding career as a hydrologist, natural resources manager, environmental engineer, environmental impact analyst, ecologist, air quality engineer, and toxicolo

Online Material Sciences

Completion of an online material sciences certificate program would lead you to a rewarding and fulfilling career as a materials consultant and materials production research associate, among others.

Online Mathematics

Completion of an online mathematics certificate program would prepare you for a rewarding career as an applied mathematician, actuary, statistician, bookkeeper, math teacher, financial analyst, and theoretical mathematician.

Online Optical Sciences

Completion of an online optical science certificate program would allow you to pursue a rewarding career as an optical scientist, optical research associate, optical technician and optical assistant, among others.

Online Science

Completion of an online science certificate course would allow you to pursue rewarding careers in the fields of mathematics, computer science, forensic science, agriculture, geography, chemistry, veterinary science, environmental science, astronomy, and c

Online Technology

Depending on your area of specialization, completion of an online technology certificate program would allow you to establish a career as a teacher, research associate, communication specialist, Web developer, and database administrator.